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A Year back in Corporate Life


At Annebelles birthday party – boyd’s house I was the balloon maker!

MAY 2013

How time fly’s.!

Since our last post so much has happened – all good but some bad.

Just had a birthday – that’s depressing!!! I guess I must not be too far of the top of the hill before everything goes down hill.

I will try in this post to give an update of the last year.

As you all know we bought a house in Duncraig which is really great, I will try and put together a gallery of photos at the end of this post. In November last year I nearly lost Diane as she had a heart attack – thank god I was around on the Sunday because if I was out playing golf she could have died. After operations to inserts Stents she seems to be ok but only a month ago she was rushed into hospital again and they found that one of her arteries is too badly damaged to have another Stent inserted so will just have to treat via drugs. Diane is fine now although she does get tired very quickly but on the mend.


My birthday in 2012

I have been with the Joondalup Business Association now for over a year and really enjoy the work. I work with a great board who are very supportive and knowledgeable. My job as CEO is so varied. From fundraising and organising events through to dealing with local and federal government, press releases, publishing magazines – the list goes on but it is nice and the beauty is that I only have to answer to the board and I set my own agenda.

We love living in Duncraig the house is very comfortable it has 3 lounges,Dining,3 bedrooms and study plus  two bathrooms and pool. We have a great outdoor area that is enclosed which is great for entertaining. When we moved in we did a lot of work getting the house into the shape we wanted.


One of the many events Di and I attend – This is the business awards 2012




Well that all for now but I am sure I can convince Di to do a full and more comprehensive update.

Until next time may the sun always be in your face.


Visit to the Gold Coast in Jan 2013 to visit with Don/Kristy/Logan and Taylor.

Visit to the Gold Coast in Jan 2013 to visit with Don/Kristy/Logan and Taylor.


We stayed with Geoff and Olive in January 2013 on the Gold Coast

We stayed with Geoff and Olive in January 2013 on the Gold Coast


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  1. Hi Clive , so good to hear from you .
    How is Diana doing now ? Quite scary what you two had to go through . Please tell her that we are thinking of her – and she better look after herself and you just need to spoil her rotten
    all the time . Just good food and a lot of love – sounds so good .
    Take care and hopefully we will see you soon back on the Gold Coast . Big hug , Andrea and Guy

    Comment by Andrea Littlejohn | May 26, 2013 | Reply

  2. Lovely to hear from you again pleased that Di is on the mend. Greg and Bella and family are making the trip to Africa in November – first time the whole family will be together in 14 years! Mike will be 78 in June and is still playing golf 3 times a week. All the best to you and Di – Liz

    Comment by Liz Allis | May 26, 2013 | Reply

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