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How your life can change in a year

G’day to you all,

I have been unbelievably slack in writing on the blog so now will attempt to summarise what we have been up to over the last year.

We left Busselton in August 2011 and did a house sit in Hamersley for 2 months. During that time I decided to work for Drummond golf pursuing my passion of the game. I really enjoyed being back a work but really being on my feet 8 hours a day was no fun. I learnt a lot about design and fitting of golf clubs but in the end it was a job that was not really going anywhere. So I have now secured a job as CEO of the Joondalup Business Association and it is right up my street. I represent and help small to medium businesses. The job is extreemly social and needs organising and running of various conferences. I have been in the job for 6 weeks and so much has happened but really enjoying the challenge.

Di and I in the meantime did a number of house sits including Kalamunda/Duncraig/Morley/Heathridge and now Bull creek. We are here until 1st June then up again to Heathridge. After that good news we have bought a house in Duncraig and Diane is over the moon because our wondering lifestyle will now come to an end. I must say I am also happy to get our own place so that we can settle down a little more.

Anyway enough for now.

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