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Our homeowners Sandra and Greg with Jamie and Mitchell

Well we have now taken up our house sit assignment here in Albany.

The people (Sandra Greg Mitchell and Jamie) – are a lovely young family. Mitchell is the comedian of the family and at 9 years old he really cracks us up! Jamie is very sport orientated and love nothing better than kicking a ball around. The family have gone to NZ for a holiday.

We had a great time at the Middleton Beach caravan park as we were right on the beach with nice facilities including movie theater, Solar heated pool and Hydro spa.

Di spent nearly two hours every day in the spa. We have still not had a swim in the sea – the water is too Bl……dy cold. The weather in Albany has been very ordinary. We have managed to explore quite a large area on our bikes. We drove up to Busselton a couple of days ago to meet our homeowners there. We will be doing an 8 month house sit there next year which will be nice to be in one place for a while.

Middleton beach Albany

 The drive was 4.5 hours there and 4.5 hours back to Albany!!!! Sure was a tiring day but worth it to meet and see our new homeowners for next year’s house sit.

"Dog Rock" Albany


There is a story behind the “Dog Rock” which is an old aborignal story. Albany is also known for its big Wind Farm. Click on the following site to get any information.\

We have settled into the house here and now start the whole Xmas thing.!!!!

This is just a rehash of a video of the Nullabor crossing – just worked out how to embed into the post so that I dont have to use utube and others

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