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Mother of all road trains!!

The pier in Ceduna

Our departure point was Ceduna where we spent two days. The campsite was promoted as an “oasis” and their beaches we were told were “pristine”. Neither were true! But there certainly were a fair amount of drunk “indiginous” folk about. Not a pretty sight! We were going to play “The Longest Golf Course in the World” – but really it is just a joke. Could not be bothered. The flies were so bad in Ceduna that Di and I purchased a head net so that we did not swollow any flies. Cycled around pretty much the entire town – very indiginous. 

Our first stop over was Madura.  They didn’t even have designated camp sites. There was also no water to connect up to either! Di was given one shower token and that was her ration! The next day we drove all the way through to Esperance. So we had two really BIG days. But all we wanted to do was get to civilization!


So our crossing was a very rushed one – I can tell you. We were extremely fortunate with the weather – as it was not hot – which I can well believe could be quite a problem. However, it is miles and miles and MILES of nothing!! BORING!!! As a result we tried to make it through in record time! Leaving at 7.30am and only stopping at 5.00pm. Clive is feeling pretty tired now – which is quite understandable. All the supposed Tourist Stops were a total waste of time. 

Head of the Bight

Our first stop being the Head of the Bight. Well we were charged $5.00 each – in other words $10.00 to see it. We rushed to the edge of the cliff to look at the sea. We were there for about 10 minutes. When we got back into the car – Clive said to me “Well that was a quick $10.00’s spent!” The story is supposed to be you look at the Whales – but if there ARE no Whales you spend $10.00 to look at the Sea!!  Gee, how totally fascinating!!! 

From there on we were wiser and didn’t fall for any of that nonsense and made the fastest crossing we could possibly manage! If you are interested in looking at lots of trees and sand and bushes – then I guess you would find it absolutely FASCINATING!!!! 
I thought we had left all that behind us when we arrived in Esperance. We tried to find the quickest easiest Campsite available. Again it was described as the “Campsite that was closest to town and within easy walking distance of shops, cafes, bars etc.
What they failed to mention was that it is right next to (and I mean about 20 metres!) from a train line. It is Harvesting season. All the trains are loaded up with grain etc. There are also Road Trains leaving from the Harbour. There are ALSO ships loaded up and leaving from the Harbour (about 100 metres away) All this activity goes on Day AND Night. The added bonus is that there is a Railway crossing (also about 50 metres away) The Train, Road Trains and Boats all feel the need to blow their horns as they are leaving. The horns go off at 12.00am, 1.00am, 2.00am, 3.00am…you get the picture!!  So after our long drive across the Nullarbor we had a VERY peaceful night NOT!!!!! Bloody hell!!! 

Esperance - beautiful beaches

And then just to add to our enjoyment of Esperance we have had gale force winds since we got here! Just wonderful!!

We are now in Albany and have checked into a really nice campsite right on the beach. They have wonderful facilities here – heated swimming pool, Hydro Spa….etc – just wonderful!!
We met our new homeowner last night and she seems really nice. So we are looking forward to spending Christmas & New Year here.
Anyway that’s our news for now – hope you are all having a bloody good laugh!!

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