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We arrived in Moonta on the 27th October- actually we stayed at a caravan park right on the beach at a place called Wallaroo. We met up with our new homeowners here in Moonta on the 28th October – They had invited a number of friends around to something they call Fivezzies(5zzz’s) We had a lovely time and it was a nice way to have our introductions. Since moving in we have socialised a number of times with neighbours which has been really nice.

I joined Wallaroo Golf Course(10 km from Moonta) – what a shock for me sand greens that they call Blacks.

Standing on one of the "BLACKS"

Our homeowners Karen and Mark

For those of you who have never played golf on “blacks” it is pretty interesting – you need to scrap the green to have a putt. Anyway nice bunch of people and I have had about 6 games so far and really enjoying it – do not know what I am going to do when I get back to real greens.!

Moonta main street - our coffee shop left on the corner

We have now been in Moonta for nearly 3 weeks and have enjoyed it very much. We have been swimming pretty much every day the temps are around 28-30 Degrees C. Moonta is an amazing place as they used to mine for Copper here in the 1800’s and the original settlements where mainly Cornish people from the UK. The houses are very Cornish – I have included a slide show of the “houses of Moonta” Please click the link below to watch(sound on)

Our Pub at Port Hughes

We have discovered the pub at Port Hughes which is only about a 5 minute drive or 10-15 minute cycle. They serve $10 lunches which include a salad bar – fantastic you could not do it at home for that price. As I said all Karen and Mark’s friends have been so kind – we went to a BBQ last sunday with Mandy and Brooksy(he knows how to cook a BBQ!) Di and I have also been doing a lot of cycling as the town is only about a 10 minute cycle with nice coffee shops etc. Another curious thing about

Moonta - Sheds and Aerials

Moonta is that is called “The Sheds and Aerials” place. TV reception here is non-existent so everyone has to erect these huge aerials. When you look across the town it looks like a forest of steel. They look like mini Eiffel Towers and everyone has one. The Sheds are enormous and used for storage. Most people have boats here as the fishing is excellent. They store their boats cars etc in their sheds. There is a severe shortage of water here. So gardens look very stark – most people lay pebbles down instead of lawn. Adds to that dry desert feel of the place. They have even closed the local golf course because they dont have the water to keep it going. As a result everyone has their own water tanks.

Coffee at George's

Di and I went to play “night owls” bowls the other night with a number of neighbours – well I played and Di proceeded to enjoy a couple of bottles of champagne with our next door neighbour Denise(lovely lady – great sense of humour) Interesting bunch of people playing bowls from 2o year olds to 8o year olds. Some getting more pissed than others. Mark has said we are welcome to eat as much fish as we want. He catches plenty and the freezer is full – “King George Whitting” fantastic. It is very dry here in Moonta and reminds us a little of the areas just outside Las Vegas. I will include a full slideshow of our stay in Moonta in our next post. We leave here on 25th November and head across the Nallabor on our way to Albany. By the way we have secured a long term house sit in Busselton (6 months from 5th February 2011.) should be nice.
Lots more to write about Moonta plus plenty of photos that I will put on a slideshow.
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On the Pier at Port Hughes



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