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Adventures after Woodend

Russell Sue and Family

Well we left Woodend on Sunday 17th October 2010.

We stayed overnight with Russell and Sue in Woodend after picking them up from the airport in Melbourne. We arrived home after 10pm, so Di and I slept in the Caravan which was parked in the driveway ready to go. Russell and Sue insisted on us staying for breakfast and then we took off towards Adelaide.

Swan hill banks of the Murray River

Our first stop was SWAN HILL which was about 3 hours north of Woodend. We camped right on the banks of the mighty MURRAY RIVER. We initially were going to stay 2 nights but by the time we had driven around looking at the place and then went out to dinner we figured that we had seen all Swan Hill had to offer. So we left the next day to travel up to MILDURA, for those of you who are not aware Mildura is pretty much the “food bowl” of Australia.

We were warned that the locusts were about to hatch, so I hurriedly constructed a screen to fix to the front of the car, as the locusts can make a huge mess of your radiator and could cause your car to overheat.

BBQ Mildura

We decided to spend two nights in MILDURA. We did a long cycle the first day and pretty much saw most of Mildura. A very poorly thought out town as they really did not make the most use of the Murray River frontage. In fact there was not a single Restaurant/Cafe or Bar that had a view of the river. A real shame.

Di and I cruising the Murray River

We decided that as we were on the Murray river,  we should at least do a cruise.  So the next day we booked ourselves onto a cruise which went up the river to a place called “Gol Gol“. We stopped for lunch and then cruised back. Not a fantastic cruise, but we did meet some lovely people. Gwynne and Keith who live at a place called HALLETT COVE which is South of Adelaide. By coincidence it was  only 20 minutes drive from the caravan park(West Beach) we had booked into.

Keith and Gywnne

They were great company and we agreed to meet up again when we where in RENMARK which was our next stop. They had booked to stay on a houseboat there for a couple of days. He had worked for Qantas for over 30 years. Gwynne, believe it or not, was Canadian and had worked for NASA. Apparently she was involved in the design of the heat shield for the space shuttle! Amazing the people you meet!

Anyway we had pre dinner drinks with them on their houseboat. Then off to dinner at the Renmark Club. Then back to their houseboat again for a night cap. By which time we had consumed 8 bottles of wine plus. Di and I had cycled from the caravan park, so the cycle back at about midnight in the pitch dark was very interesting to say the least!

House boat on the Murray River

The caravan park in Renmark was again right on the banks of the murray river and very nice.  We caught up with Gwynne and Keith a few days later in Adelaide. They were kind enough to take us for a wine tasting tour in Mc Laren Vale.

Wirra Wirra Winery

We visited the Woodstock winery as well as Wirra Wirra.

The Wirra Wirra "fence"

After which we went to a lovely little bistro for lunch. We then drove back to their home and had a few more wines, and met some of their neighbours. 

Wine tasting

We resolved to try and meet up with them again during our stay in Moonta.

More on Adelaide/West Beach and Moonta  to follow.



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  1. Hallo!!!!

    Comment by Hildegard + Willy | November 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. Well I managed to find your blog alright. Must admit I have only read part of it. I will have to return to to look at the rest. Good job so far.
    I cant help but notice the photo of you (Clive) and the tree stump. It somehow seems to remind me of a story I heard about skydiving…

    Comment by Amber | April 1, 2011 | Reply

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