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One week to go in Woodend

Archie and Morgan

We are now into our last week in Woodend. This house sit has been very interesting. The countryside is so beautiful. With Spring approaching all the blossoms are out and its quite stunning.

Unfortunately the weather has been a real pain. We worked out that in the five weeks we have been here we have had about five nice warm sunny days. That makes an average of ONE sunny day per week. Not a good average in our book! 

We spoke to the owner of our next housesit in Moonta on Saturday. She made us Green with envy when she told us it was a warm 25 degrees there and all she was wearing was a light TShirt!

Her home is only two blocks away from the beach – so we cant wait to see the sea again and walk on the beach. 

Di and I have managed to get around country Victoria and see a number of places including a vast amount of wineries. (Of course!) One thing about this house sit has been the amount of work involved. We find that there is always something to do. I have been trying to get the garden into shape.

With all the rain that has fallen the grass is jumping out of the ground. The property is huge and the mowing area takes forever. I used the slasher last week to cut the lawn, out front, and worked my butt off pushing this slasher – I was absolutely stuffed at the end of the day having only done a small amount of the lawn.

Only the next day did I realise that the Slasher has a “self propelling ” handle!!!!!!! How stupid do I feel?!

The dogs just love their walks – I take them in the morning and then in the evening – good exercise for me.

We get about 4-6 eggs each day from the chooks so we certainly have had our ration of scramble/fried/everything eggs. We have managed to donate to the neighbours so none has gone to waste.

We leave here on Sunday 17th and then travel up to Swan Hill then on to Mildura before heading to Moonta for our next house sit.  CLIVE


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  1. says goodbyeto Archie and Morgan!!
    Have a goog trip!!

    Comment by Hildegard + Willy | October 17, 2010 | Reply

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