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Wow….. has Melbourne changed!

Hi Ya All,

Di and I went into Melbourne a couple of days ago. Great train service from Woodend, only 1 hour into the centre of Melbourne and only $6.40 return for “mature old people”. LOL!!

We like the way the city is set out – easy to get around.  They have a free Rail Tram service that does a circuit around the city with a running commentary. The Trams are really old and quite quaint. Very similar to the Trams that operate in San Francisco. We caught a tram out to St Kilda – I had not been out that way for nearly 10 years. Unfortunately it was not what I expected. There were some awful looking sorts on the tram with us, who looked like they were into drugs. Not a good sign! We both thought that St Kilda  looked just a little run down and almost appeared to be a Ghost Town. We were looking for somewhere to have lunch and look over water.  It was not going to happen there!  We had no luck, so we headed back into the CBD and hopped on the circuit tram.

Melbourne harbour

We decided to head out to the dockland – Well what a great surprise, as Melbourne has done a wonderful job on the waterfront. Great restaurants and a really nice feel about the place.

We had a meal at a place called Bellissimo which was really nice, looking out over the harbour.

The whole area of the harbour has now been well set up and is very crowded over the weekends – nice atmosphere.


Di wanted to see some of the Art Galleries but we ran out of time and she will make a trip in when I am on the Golf Course.

Talking about Golf – I play at Trentham on a Monday/Thursday and Saturday – such a nice club – the members have been really very welcoming – On the Monday it is the “old farts” – can you believe that for $5.00 I get a round of golf, a beer and hamburger – now thats what I call value.! 
Anyway more to follow.

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