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Floods, Water and Storms!!!!~


General Willy - Sometimes this is my title!!


 What is it with us!!!!! The bloody rain gods are on the move again !!! Well we made it through to Lakes Entrance. There was an enormous amount of flooding throughout Victoria.  You only need to have seen the news to know what we have had to contend with. Unbelievable!! We have now been in Lakes Entrance for 4 days. 

Lakes Entrance


Nice place but very “caravan park orientated” Amazing it is such a nice place, but very quiet. Apparently the 6000 residents grows to 26ooo in season and boy can you see it!! I have never seen so many caravan parks in such a small area. 

We are in a camp site that is very small – only about 15 sites.  

Camp site in Lakes Entrance


 Each site has an ensuite which is really nice. The owner is no different to all of us. Made redundant too early and decided to buy a business to maintain income and keep working. Unfortunately the place is a little “dated” and I cannot see the look of this place changing in the near future. Nevertheless Di and I have had a great time. We make the most of wherever we are, nothing gets the better of us!!!! 



 Took a drive to a place called “Metung“which is only about 20km away. Small but wow what a lovely place! Very “upmarket” for the Melbourne crowd. It almost looked like a mini Sanctuary Cove. We have done the  normal wineries etc and I will let Di talk about that. She is totally fascinated by one particular winery and the art involved with the Owner’s wife. 

The art that Clive is talking about was “interesting” to say the least. 

Wyanga Winery


 This lady (owner’s wife) designs the wine bottle labels herself. Her style is naive – very similar to Ken Done’s art. However some of her paintings are very suggestive and almost borders on the pornographic. It certainly peaked my curiosity. In her portfolio she added a number of comments and a few poems. Most of them made reference to her own body parts. Very strange… 

Lama's in the vines



Lots of Black swans




Nicholson river in background


Well our next stop is Woodend – see you then!!

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  1. Hello and Goeie Dag Clive and Di

    As usual you surpass yourselves with your ‘visitations’ and comments relating to these. All great in Albany with a lot of Whales and Calves. Discovered a very good red at Lost Lakes near Pemberton so hope to get a carton (bootfull??) in time for your visit – This was very close to Karri Valley Resort/Beedelup Falls – very beautiful, tranquil with a lot of good walks. Be good to find a caravan site nearby to enjoy the beauty without the cash-flow sting. Got some lovely pics. of Boyd, Lol, Summer and Annabelle – see facebook
    Take care and look forward to your visit

    + the rest of dem. (Liz, G, Savage cat etc)

    Comment by Brent Howe | September 10, 2010 | Reply

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