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Tamworth Floods

The Peel River The Peel River

The Peel River

Well it seems that the rain gods follow us all over the world – as an example living in Birmingham UK we had the worst floods in 600 years! We travel to Yamba on the NSW North coast and they have huge rain (by the way I have been to Yamba 3 times and it has poured with rain every time.) We arrive in Sawtell and it pours with rain. In Port Macquarie on my birthday I tried to play golf and the sky was Black all day and it poured! But we are having floods in the middle of Winter here in Tamworth!! Does anyone need rain give, us a call and we will visit and your troubles will be over!!!!!. 

The Peel river is just a little stream but boy did it flood we are talking about a rise of 9 metres!!! For a day we only had one of our 3 bridges open so the traffic was crazy!
We have just on 3 weeks to go before we head down to Victoria – beautiful day today but still cold at night. Di and I enjoyed a great lunch in a place called “Nemingha” just a short trip north of Tamworth – we sat in the glorious sunshine and enjoyed Flat Head fish and a lovely bottle of hunter valley region wine.
Here are some pics of our house in Tamworth – lovely views.

From the Balcony of our house in Tamworth


Balcony of our house in Tamworth

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  1. Hi to you both – Enjoying reading your travels. We need a lot more rain over this way so maybe you need to get here a little sooner!!!!!
    Sounds like you have really enjoyed Tamworth. I would love to go to the country music festival next January!!
    We are trying to get our home ready for selling maybe October November. In September Roland has to have a total knee replacement – so that could be a challenge hey?
    We sold our caravan last May and have had another on order to be picked up in November but we have had to cancel that for the time being.
    Are you both still happy with the house sitting. Have you still some up your sleeve to do before you hit Perth?
    Keep enjoying your travel.
    Love to you both Lotty

    Comment by lotty dohler | August 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. the Britsh say ” it`s a nice rainy day”.
    Good Day, happy travel!!

    Comment by Hildegard + Willy | August 9, 2010 | Reply

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