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6 weeks in Tamworth


Well we have now been in Tamworth for 6 weeks – jees has it been cold!!!! We have a fire going all the time. 

We recently had some friends visit just for a night. The one lot of friends stayed in a hotel called the “Powerhouse”  – pretty nice I must say – very good standard for Tamworth (4.5 stars) 

Amazing how one just gets into a way of life – I am playing golf about 4 times a week and Di is doing great art and also going to water exercises up at the hospital where there is an indoor pool. We have both lost a bit of weight as we are doing so much exercise – we cycle about 20km a day which we really enjoy. 

Allan, Lorraine and Di and I

Di attended a lunch on Friday which was suppose to be for all the Lady movers and shakers in Tamworth. I picked Diane up later in the afternoon and met a few of the ladies – very interesting and nice to see that the whole net working thing is the same everywhere. We sampled some local wine which was actually(to our surprise) very nice. 

Di is off to Perth tomorrow for a visit with Boyd, Lauren,Summer and Annabelle. She is looking forward to seeing them all again.
Anyway that seems to be all for now but amazingly enough we are really enjoying ourselves.

Olive was really cold - Minus 5 degrees!!

Geoff,Olive Di and I in Nundle
 Keep Blogging
CLIVE (regards to all)
PS. Here is a recent painting  of Di’s that is entitled “King George Ave”.

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