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2 weeks in Tamworth

King George Avenue Tamworth

Well we have been in Tamworth now for 2 weeks – time flies when you are having fun!

As mentioned before I have joined the Golf club here in Tamworth and playing Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Saturday. The new handicap system has been a little different as my handicap has drifted out to 8.
The house we are in is very nice and we will send photos and post soon in our blog. Spent the day today cleaning the Fish tank and the Swimming pool and then Di and I had a BBQ around the Pool. Lovely afternoon. We have managed to meet a number of people here in Tamworth through the Golf Club and also through our homeowners.
Di and I do a cycle  as often as possible from our home through to this avenue called King George Avenue. It  has 100 year old Oak trees. It is quite spectacular with Winter coming and the leaves changing colour.  Its in such a rural area with horse paddocks all around.  As you can see I have my ballet pants on!!! (This is Di – and may I add – WHAT ballet he does!!! Hmmmmmm!!!! LOL!!!)
Our temps here in Tamworth over the last 3 days have been -3 , -3 and -1 so a little on the chilly side.
This has all been about Clive – now about MEEEEE!!!! LOL!!! Well – if you are all interested….I have joined an Aqua Aerobic Class! Yes, I know you are all asking yourself – HOW can she do it in those temps??? Well the answer is simple. Indoor pool – 35 degrees! It helps!! I do my classes three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday! I do bike riding the alternative days. Clive has posted some pictures. 
I have also managed to find a group of artists who meet every Tuesday for 3 hours. So hopefully they will inspire me to better and bigger things! We attended a Gourmet evening of Wine tasting and lovely food at a great restaurant on Wedensday….more later…
Our Pets we need to look after – hard to get the walking lead around their necks.

We will do a post which show you some of our house sits.

The fish tank and the swimming pool are the major things in this house sit.
Will keep you posted

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  1. Hallo!!
    Good luck !!!
    May win the better team.

    Comment by Hildegard + Willy | June 13, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Willy,
      Very sad Australia lost to Germany!!! You must be very proud as the Germany side looks very good, would not surprise me if they went on to the final and won the world cup.

      Comment by clivehaddow | June 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. Sexy tights Clive!!!!

    Sounds a little chilly in downtown Tamworth!! Beautiful sunshine & warm here on the Coast.

    WOW Di – all that exercise!! Pleased you’ve found some artists too to inspire you to do some more painting.

    Mike’s watching the replay of the soccer so I won’t tell him the result yet.


    Comment by Trish | June 13, 2010 | Reply

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