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With Nessie - one of the lanterns


Hope everyone had a great weekend – The weather here in Port Macquarie has been quite magical. 

The Tourist office here really do a very good job at promoting their area. The Gold Coast Tourist organisation certainly could learn a thing or two about how to promote an area. There is seldom nothing to do here in Port – In the last month we have had…. 

  • Heritage festival – This festival lasted 2 weeks and had something on every day
  • The Music festival in Laurieton which also lasted 2 weeks with something on everyday
  • The 5 wineries in the area have had numerous events from Jazz through to Flix in the Stix
  • Rugby league – City vs Country


In the next 2 weeks we have a Food and Wine Festival and numerous other events. 

When you think about what the Gold Coast could offer it really is a shame that  more effort is not made to get community involvement and try to do the same. In fact by comparison to what we have experienced here in the Port area the Gold Coast is rather poor.(never thought I would say that) 

I have included a short video of images of both the Music festival and also BAGO winery which is only 15km from our house sit. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO WATCH….. 

If you would like to know more about the Bago Winery please click on link below….



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