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Still in Port Macquarie and loving it!

It seems to have got just a little cooler over the last day or two, but wow you just cannot complain about the weather. Di and I had a swim at Shelley beach yesterday it was lovely.

Before I forget there are a few more Book Reviews on the site so if you have read anything good please do a review for the BLOG. Also visit the Book Reviews page.

There are a number of festivals on at the moment from Heritage through to Music – great so we are never bored. Went to another winery a couple of day ago called “Long Point” which is between Port and Camden Haven. Only about 15km from our house sit. Great wine – They make a very drinkable Red called Deck Chair, which they chill-great for BBQ’s. The winery is on the market at the moment for I believe around the $1.2 to $1.4 – amazing that you can buy that sort of lifestyle for that price. I think that if Di and I owned a winery we would not get anything sold as we would drink most of it! There are 5 very good wineries around Port all within 20 minutes to 30 minutes away including a winery that is within walking distance of our house sit.

We mentioned Harry’s beach before on the blog in Clive’s beach walk. But I felt the full story was not explained. Harry lived at the beach in his caravan for several years. He loved it there and took it upon himself to keep it clean and played a “caretaking” role. However, the local Council in their wisdom decided one day to evict him. I am relieved to say all the local resident were up in arms and submitted a petition to save Harry. Happily the Council bowed to the pressure and Harry was able to see out his final days at the beach in his caravan. I was told by a local that when Harry died there was an enormous crowd of locals who attended his funeral. What a lovely touching story.

I have included a short video which has images of Di and I  cycling around Port and surrounds hope you enjoy.


Hope you enjoy and welcome your comments/feedback and contributions to the BLOG.



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