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Wild life encounters!

The great South African explorers

We the Great White Hunters from Africa thought we were fearless! Were we in for a surprise!!! The Goana featured in our photos has had Clive and I running for our lives! He is extremely aggressive and has tried to attack each of us on different occasions (much to the amusement of fellow park residents!) 

Clive and I watched in mesmerized awe as he consumed another Goana whole! The one he ate measured approximately two foot long. It didn’t have a hope in hell of escaping. It was all very methodical the way he flipped the head down his throat first until it was only the tail sticking out of his mouth. All this while it was still alive! I am sure you can all understand why Clive and I are afraid of this prehistoric monster!

Our next encounter was of a different nature. We had a rat chew through our fly screen and eat bread on our kitchen counter. This all while Clive and I were sleeping like babies! In the morning when we woke up, I made us coffee and it was only then that he made his great escape via the hole in the screen! If I had noticed him or seen him earlier – the entire campsite would have had a very early wake up call!

The following evening we were sitting outside our van enjoying all the sounds of the “wild” when we noticed what we thought was a HUGE rat. It was only after closer examination we realised it was a possum. For a moment we thought our rat visitor had had some steriods!!


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  1. Hey hey, finally got to check out the blog. Far out it’s pretty sweet. Nice work oldies!

    Crikey! What’s with all the animal encounters? Great to hear all the news and seeing the photos is a nice touch. Who is the silver fox on the video? Looks like a skabenga to me 😛

    Anyway love from the Magrath clan over in WA! Hope you had a fun birthday mum. We were thinking of you.

    We are heading down to Albany this weekend but we will keep in touch. Keep safe and keep posting.

    Love Boyd

    Comment by Boyd Magrath | March 24, 2010 | Reply

    • Hey Boyd,
      Glad you like the blog – I am experiementing with a few things and hopefully we can continue to improve the quality.
      Have a good time in Albany – send our best to everyone.
      Speak soon

      Comment by clivehaddow | March 24, 2010 | Reply

  2. Your wildlife documentaries were relayed to our fellow members of the Wednesday Night Fine Dining Club last night. Collection taken up for a snake bite kit which may come in handy for you before too long. All send their regards and awaiting next instalment. Cheers – Geoff

    Comment by Geoff Dolding | March 25, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the info – nice to see that people are reading the blog.
      Also thanks for forwarding the mail hopefully will get before we leave South West Rocks.
      You are getting better and better at the computer – hope you are not viewing all the porn sites!
      Kind Regards

      Comment by clivehaddow | March 25, 2010 | Reply

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