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A Year back in Corporate Life


At Annebelles birthday party – boyd’s house I was the balloon maker!

MAY 2013

How time fly’s.!

Since our last post so much has happened – all good but some bad.

Just had a birthday – that’s depressing!!! I guess I must not be too far of the top of the hill before everything goes down hill.

I will try in this post to give an update of the last year.

As you all know we bought a house in Duncraig which is really great, I will try and put together a gallery of photos at the end of this post. In November last year I nearly lost Diane as she had a heart attack – thank god I was around on the Sunday because if I was out playing golf she could have died. After operations to inserts Stents she seems to be ok but only a month ago she was rushed into hospital again and they found that one of her arteries is too badly damaged to have another Stent inserted so will just have to treat via drugs. Diane is fine now although she does get tired very quickly but on the mend.


My birthday in 2012

I have been with the Joondalup Business Association now for over a year and really enjoy the work. I work with a great board who are very supportive and knowledgeable. My job as CEO is so varied. From fundraising and organising events through to dealing with local and federal government, press releases, publishing magazines – the list goes on but it is nice and the beauty is that I only have to answer to the board and I set my own agenda.

We love living in Duncraig the house is very comfortable it has 3 lounges,Dining,3 bedrooms and study plus  two bathrooms and pool. We have a great outdoor area that is enclosed which is great for entertaining. When we moved in we did a lot of work getting the house into the shape we wanted.


One of the many events Di and I attend – This is the business awards 2012




Well that all for now but I am sure I can convince Di to do a full and more comprehensive update.

Until next time may the sun always be in your face.


Visit to the Gold Coast in Jan 2013 to visit with Don/Kristy/Logan and Taylor.

Visit to the Gold Coast in Jan 2013 to visit with Don/Kristy/Logan and Taylor.


We stayed with Geoff and Olive in January 2013 on the Gold Coast

We stayed with Geoff and Olive in January 2013 on the Gold Coast


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How your life can change in a year

G’day to you all,

I have been unbelievably slack in writing on the blog so now will attempt to summarise what we have been up to over the last year.

We left Busselton in August 2011 and did a house sit in Hamersley for 2 months. During that time I decided to work for Drummond golf pursuing my passion of the game. I really enjoyed being back a work but really being on my feet 8 hours a day was no fun. I learnt a lot about design and fitting of golf clubs but in the end it was a job that was not really going anywhere. So I have now secured a job as CEO of the Joondalup Business Association and it is right up my street. I represent and help small to medium businesses. The job is extreemly social and needs organising and running of various conferences. I have been in the job for 6 weeks and so much has happened but really enjoying the challenge.

Di and I in the meantime did a number of house sits including Kalamunda/Duncraig/Morley/Heathridge and now Bull creek. We are here until 1st June then up again to Heathridge. After that good news we have bought a house in Duncraig and Diane is over the moon because our wondering lifestyle will now come to an end. I must say I am also happy to get our own place so that we can settle down a little more.

Anyway enough for now.

Keep blogging


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What’s happened since we left Busselton??


Hello everyone!

Again apologies for my slackness in writing the blog.

Thought it might be a good idea to give you all an update just before Xmas.

We sold our Landrover and Caravan – Di was not that keen and we had such a long housesit in Busselton – so now we both have cars and believe it or not we are STILL doing housesitting. We Moved up to Perth in August and did a house sit in Hamersley – during that time I been trying to get back into corporate life but will little success. So at the beginning of September I started work with Drummond Golf in an area called Cannington. Thought that I should follow my passion instead of hitting my head against a wall trying to get back into the banking field.

So full on but enjoying it – learning a lot about the golf industry and working long hours but it is good. For the first time in history I will be working on Boxing day!

We looked after the house in Hammersley until end October – then moved to a house sit in Morley for 2 weeks then on the Fremantle where we looked after a house owned by two vets. Lovely animals (two dogs) – We had a great time in Freo and went to the Fremantle festival. Went to a lovely old brewery and had Paela in the sun while washing down with a cold chardy.

We were approached by some people who lived in Kalamunda (Perth Hills) to look after their house long term until May 2012. We had already committed to a house sit in Duncraig (north Perth) over the Xmas period. We agreed to look after the house for a week after our Bali trip and then move to Duncraig before going back in late January to continue the house sit in the hills. I know confusing but we are enjoying it.

The Haddow family in Bali

We took the entire Haddow family over to Bali for a week – what a fantastic week we went to CLUB MED in Nusa Dua – It was one of our best holidays ever and it was so nice to spend time with the whole family together in one place. The CLUB MED formula is so good – everything is included drinks/food/coctails and child minding the list goes on – if you want a stress free holiday in paradise then this is the place to go.

So here we are in Duncraig which is only 5 minutes from Boyd and Lauren and the two grandchildren so Di is happy again.

If you are interested in viewing a slide show of our Bali Holiday then please click on the link below



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Still in Busselton and loving it!

Apologies to all who read our blog – I have been really slack over the last couple of months. We have been in Busselton Western Australia now for 4 months. It really is a nice place to live. We have a leisure centre only about 300 metres down the road with in door and out door pools, Gyms, spa and sauna. We have been using it just about everyday. Cycling here in Busso is amazing, all flat and we cycle about 15-20 km everyday. The cycle paths are great and are right on the beach.

I have joined the golf club and really enjoying playing – have also met a number of nice blokes. We also now play tennis twice a week – I think Di and I are about as fit as we can get.

Expert grape picker!

I also have been grape picking at various well known wineyards. Hard work but a lot of fun.

Morning tea – what a spread of food!!

We are supplied with morning tea and what a great spread of food it is.!!

Anyway sorry that this is such a short and poor post but will get myself organised and pick my game up over the next couple of week.

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Busselton – Great Place!!!

“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy s— what a ride!'” ~ Hunter S. Thompson 

Doug and Maxine - leaving on their 8 month trip

Well we have now been in Busselton for just a week. The weather has been amazing – we cycle and swim every morning and then go down to the beach for sundowners at about 5pm and have another swim ! In the short time we have been in Busselton we have joined the fitness centre which is only about a 3 minute bike ride from our house, joined the Golf Club which is only about 2km away, installed Foxtell and attended a number of events which is part of the Busselton Festival. We are really enjoying Busselton, the weather has been great and we have been cycling and swimming everyday.Doug and Maxine(our homeowners) left on the 8th Jan – spoke to them yesterday and they were in Port Augusta about to head up the middle of Australia to Alice. The house is very comfortable and close to everything.

Di and I have certainly been active since we arrived – we cycle about 15km everyday – Busselton has some great cycle paths along the beach front.

Doug and Maxine certainly are organised for their trip!!!

We have resolved that we will visit every single winery in the Margaret river. Busselton is only about 30km away from the town of Margaret river. There are 54 wineries of which around 20 have restaurants. So we decided that it seemed like a meaningful goal to visit each one and do  a post on “The wineries of Margaret River” – watch out for a new page on the blog and we will systematically post information/links/commentary and photos. Let us know if you want any info on any particular winery and we will be happy to go and test drive and report back.

Sorry it has taken so long to get a post on but I am sure you were all busy over the festive period.
We had a lovely xmas with the Howe’s and Boyd/Lauren/Summer and Annabelle.  The weather in Albany was very ordinary – as an aside…….we were in the main street of Albany on New Years eve and we had had a power failure at about 10pm – Strange feeling being in a place with no power, no lights – the power came on again at about 11.30pm so manage to see the New Year in with Power!
I have included a slide show below of our xmas time hope you enjoy

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Wow the year has flown!!! We have now been on the road for a year. Can’t believe it. We will be spending Xmas and New year here in Albany with Boyd,Lauren,Summer and Annabelle – We will really miss not being with Andrew/Don/Kristy/Logan and little Taylor who are on the Gold Coast. The weather here has been ordinary but obviously not as bad as the weather in the Eastern States. We might just be in the right place just for once!

Hope you all have a great Xmas and very memorable 2011. Look forward to supplying good Blog material for you in the new year.

Here is a Xmas card for all of you…….

Merry Xmas from the Haddow’s

See you all in the new year


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Our homeowners Sandra and Greg with Jamie and Mitchell

Well we have now taken up our house sit assignment here in Albany.

The people (Sandra Greg Mitchell and Jamie) – are a lovely young family. Mitchell is the comedian of the family and at 9 years old he really cracks us up! Jamie is very sport orientated and love nothing better than kicking a ball around. The family have gone to NZ for a holiday.

We had a great time at the Middleton Beach caravan park as we were right on the beach with nice facilities including movie theater, Solar heated pool and Hydro spa.

Di spent nearly two hours every day in the spa. We have still not had a swim in the sea – the water is too Bl……dy cold. The weather in Albany has been very ordinary. We have managed to explore quite a large area on our bikes. We drove up to Busselton a couple of days ago to meet our homeowners there. We will be doing an 8 month house sit there next year which will be nice to be in one place for a while.

Middleton beach Albany

 The drive was 4.5 hours there and 4.5 hours back to Albany!!!! Sure was a tiring day but worth it to meet and see our new homeowners for next year’s house sit.

"Dog Rock" Albany


There is a story behind the “Dog Rock” which is an old aborignal story. Albany is also known for its big Wind Farm. Click on the following site to get any information.\

We have settled into the house here and now start the whole Xmas thing.!!!!

This is just a rehash of a video of the Nullabor crossing – just worked out how to embed into the post so that I dont have to use utube and others

Catch up later


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Mother of all road trains!!

The pier in Ceduna

Our departure point was Ceduna where we spent two days. The campsite was promoted as an “oasis” and their beaches we were told were “pristine”. Neither were true! But there certainly were a fair amount of drunk “indiginous” folk about. Not a pretty sight! We were going to play “The Longest Golf Course in the World” – but really it is just a joke. Could not be bothered. The flies were so bad in Ceduna that Di and I purchased a head net so that we did not swollow any flies. Cycled around pretty much the entire town – very indiginous. 

Our first stop over was Madura.  They didn’t even have designated camp sites. There was also no water to connect up to either! Di was given one shower token and that was her ration! The next day we drove all the way through to Esperance. So we had two really BIG days. But all we wanted to do was get to civilization!


So our crossing was a very rushed one – I can tell you. We were extremely fortunate with the weather – as it was not hot – which I can well believe could be quite a problem. However, it is miles and miles and MILES of nothing!! BORING!!! As a result we tried to make it through in record time! Leaving at 7.30am and only stopping at 5.00pm. Clive is feeling pretty tired now – which is quite understandable. All the supposed Tourist Stops were a total waste of time. 

Head of the Bight

Our first stop being the Head of the Bight. Well we were charged $5.00 each – in other words $10.00 to see it. We rushed to the edge of the cliff to look at the sea. We were there for about 10 minutes. When we got back into the car – Clive said to me “Well that was a quick $10.00’s spent!” The story is supposed to be you look at the Whales – but if there ARE no Whales you spend $10.00 to look at the Sea!!  Gee, how totally fascinating!!! 

From there on we were wiser and didn’t fall for any of that nonsense and made the fastest crossing we could possibly manage! If you are interested in looking at lots of trees and sand and bushes – then I guess you would find it absolutely FASCINATING!!!! 
I thought we had left all that behind us when we arrived in Esperance. We tried to find the quickest easiest Campsite available. Again it was described as the “Campsite that was closest to town and within easy walking distance of shops, cafes, bars etc.
What they failed to mention was that it is right next to (and I mean about 20 metres!) from a train line. It is Harvesting season. All the trains are loaded up with grain etc. There are also Road Trains leaving from the Harbour. There are ALSO ships loaded up and leaving from the Harbour (about 100 metres away) All this activity goes on Day AND Night. The added bonus is that there is a Railway crossing (also about 50 metres away) The Train, Road Trains and Boats all feel the need to blow their horns as they are leaving. The horns go off at 12.00am, 1.00am, 2.00am, 3.00am…you get the picture!!  So after our long drive across the Nullarbor we had a VERY peaceful night NOT!!!!! Bloody hell!!! 

Esperance - beautiful beaches

And then just to add to our enjoyment of Esperance we have had gale force winds since we got here! Just wonderful!!

We are now in Albany and have checked into a really nice campsite right on the beach. They have wonderful facilities here – heated swimming pool, Hydro Spa….etc – just wonderful!!
We met our new homeowner last night and she seems really nice. So we are looking forward to spending Christmas & New Year here.
Anyway that’s our news for now – hope you are all having a bloody good laugh!!

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Gee time does go quickly – our time in MOONTA has been great and certainly an experience. We where fortunate enough to make a number of new friends and share some experiences. The golf club was very nice, even presenting me with a departing gift. I was just starting to come good on those “Black greens” – I shot 43 stableford points on my last round which was pretty decent, only to lose to a 46! My first nine was 17 points but my second nine was 26 points (2 under par) something that does not happen very day.


 Our homeowners phoned us and asked whether they could come home earlier – they phoned in the morning at around 7.30am and wanted to be back at 5pm so both Di and I worked solidly to get the house clean before they arrived. We did manage it but only by the skin of our teeth. We where so exhausted that when we left at around 6pm we decided to just go to the caravan park down the road and have an early night before departing on our big journey across the NALLABOR.

Di's painting of Scarlett

Di did her painting of SCARLETT which was well received.

Scarlett's "signature"




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We arrived in Moonta on the 27th October- actually we stayed at a caravan park right on the beach at a place called Wallaroo. We met up with our new homeowners here in Moonta on the 28th October – They had invited a number of friends around to something they call Fivezzies(5zzz’s) We had a lovely time and it was a nice way to have our introductions. Since moving in we have socialised a number of times with neighbours which has been really nice.

I joined Wallaroo Golf Course(10 km from Moonta) – what a shock for me sand greens that they call Blacks.

Standing on one of the "BLACKS"

Our homeowners Karen and Mark

For those of you who have never played golf on “blacks” it is pretty interesting – you need to scrap the green to have a putt. Anyway nice bunch of people and I have had about 6 games so far and really enjoying it – do not know what I am going to do when I get back to real greens.!

Moonta main street - our coffee shop left on the corner

We have now been in Moonta for nearly 3 weeks and have enjoyed it very much. We have been swimming pretty much every day the temps are around 28-30 Degrees C. Moonta is an amazing place as they used to mine for Copper here in the 1800’s and the original settlements where mainly Cornish people from the UK. The houses are very Cornish – I have included a slide show of the “houses of Moonta” Please click the link below to watch(sound on)

Our Pub at Port Hughes

We have discovered the pub at Port Hughes which is only about a 5 minute drive or 10-15 minute cycle. They serve $10 lunches which include a salad bar – fantastic you could not do it at home for that price. As I said all Karen and Mark’s friends have been so kind – we went to a BBQ last sunday with Mandy and Brooksy(he knows how to cook a BBQ!) Di and I have also been doing a lot of cycling as the town is only about a 10 minute cycle with nice coffee shops etc. Another curious thing about

Moonta - Sheds and Aerials

Moonta is that is called “The Sheds and Aerials” place. TV reception here is non-existent so everyone has to erect these huge aerials. When you look across the town it looks like a forest of steel. They look like mini Eiffel Towers and everyone has one. The Sheds are enormous and used for storage. Most people have boats here as the fishing is excellent. They store their boats cars etc in their sheds. There is a severe shortage of water here. So gardens look very stark – most people lay pebbles down instead of lawn. Adds to that dry desert feel of the place. They have even closed the local golf course because they dont have the water to keep it going. As a result everyone has their own water tanks.

Coffee at George's

Di and I went to play “night owls” bowls the other night with a number of neighbours – well I played and Di proceeded to enjoy a couple of bottles of champagne with our next door neighbour Denise(lovely lady – great sense of humour) Interesting bunch of people playing bowls from 2o year olds to 8o year olds. Some getting more pissed than others. Mark has said we are welcome to eat as much fish as we want. He catches plenty and the freezer is full – “King George Whitting” fantastic. It is very dry here in Moonta and reminds us a little of the areas just outside Las Vegas. I will include a full slideshow of our stay in Moonta in our next post. We leave here on 25th November and head across the Nallabor on our way to Albany. By the way we have secured a long term house sit in Busselton (6 months from 5th February 2011.) should be nice.
Lots more to write about Moonta plus plenty of photos that I will put on a slideshow.
Keep Blogging

On the Pier at Port Hughes


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